Benefits of Butter

Butter has had a bad reputation and today, we’re writing in its favor! We have been lead to believe that butter is a bad source of fat, a fat that will clog our arteries and lead to many other health concerns. But please, rest assured that is not the case. Yes, butter is a saturated fat but our bodies, and most importantly our brain, needs saturated fat for optimum brain function and preservation. Butter, in moderation, has a laundry list of benefits. We often get the question, “how much butter can I eat?” We encourage people to listen to their bodies. We crave certain foods for a reason. It’s our body’s way of telling us we’re lacking something. If you are craving butter have some– try butter on steamed veggies or with mashed sweet potatoes, your body will thank you. Our only request is that you buy good quality butter, meaning organic butter– without hormones and antibiotics. If you are feeling adventurous try raw butter, Organic Pastures is a great brand. Happy spreading!

Some benefits of butter:

Dr. Alex Zaphiris

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