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The 360-MD approach to medicine is all about focusing on the whole patient. As a comprehensive clinic, services include a base for primary and integrative care to San Francisco and Mill Valley, California and the surrounding communities, including mood and hormone treatment, women’s health, preventative care, weight loss and addiction treatment.

Mood & Hormone Q & A

I Am Overweight and Dieting, and Exercise Is Not Working; Could I Have a Thyroid Problem?

An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause changes in your weight. Both conditions can also affect other body systems such as your internal temperature, fertility, and mood, and cause constipation or diarrhea. At 360-MD, we offer complete hormone assessments to evaluate the cases of weight gain. An untreated thyroid problem can make it harder to lose weight and it is very easy to test and treat. At times, patients with apparently normal labs may still have a thyroid problem.

I’ve heard about people having problems with their adrenals, is that something you check?

Yes, chronic long-term stress can lead to fatigue, exercise intolerance, and insomnia. We use a comprehensive approach to get to the root of the problem and use natural and medication options to support adrenal glands if needed.

I Have a Very Low Libido; Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

For many men and women, a decrease in libido occurs naturally with age. When our body begins to produce fewer sex hormones, libido drops. The first place to look for an answer is with careful medical history and lab testing if needed. From there, a systematic approach can help isolate the cause, and determine the most effective treatment. In some cases, the solution is simply replacement hormone therapy with bio-identical hormones. Women may need a combination of bio-identical estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Men may benefit from topical or injection testosterone or medication for erectile dysfunction if needed. We also use natural and nutritional approaches to balance sex hormones.I Am Depressed; Are There Other Options Besides Medications?

Absolutely. Depression has many causes, and the first step in treatment is the isolation of the causes of your depression. The reasons for depression can be complex and involve multiple issues. Sometimes it is as simple as nutritional deficiency, and sometimes it is a mind-body issue. The benefits for people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety is that the doctors at 360-MD offer many different approaches to care and treatment of mental health issues. 360-MD offers both natural treatment as well as prescription-based treatment if needed. This array of treatment options allows patients to choose the treatment plan that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

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