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360-MD offers comprehensive and whole-patient medical care to San Francisco and Mill Valley residents and the surrounding Marin County communities. Services include both traditional Western medicine and Osteopathic care for back, spine and neck pain as well gentle hands-on treatment for pregnant women, new moms, infants and children.

Osteopathy Q & A [os-tee-OP-uh-thee]

What Is Osteopathic Care?

Osteopathy care is a type of “manual-medicine" in that care and treatment occur by touch. One of the benefits of coming to 360-MD is that our doctors are both medical doctors and also have special training to practice osteopathic medicine too. Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on treatment safe for all ages.

Can Osteopathy Be Helpful For Me or My Baby?

Gentle hands-on Osteopathic treatments can be very helpful for pregnancy-related low back pain and common issues of infancy and childhood. Consider seeing an Osteopathic trained doctor if your baby had a cesarean or difficult birth, feeding and latch problems, colic, recurrent ear infections or falls and head bumps. Gentle hands-on treatments can quickly and safely unwind compressions and restrictions on mom and baby from the birth process resulting in improved structure and function, and happier families. 

Can Osteopathy Help Me Overcome Headaches?

Typically, the answer to that problem is “yes". The first step in curing chronic headaches is to isolate their cause. For many patients, the cause is not a single event, but a multi-system issue that can range from a nutritional deficiency to a physical issue. If there is a physical issue, Osteopathy can address musculoskeletal problems, such as joint alignment, muscle spasms and knotting, and muscle firing imbalances, which can all contribute to headaches. Relax, though; you are in good hands since the doctors at 360-MD offer a wide range of services that are both traditional and integrative to help you get to the root of your headaches.

Does 360-MD Treat Whiplash and Injuries From Automobile Accidents?

Yes. As both osteopaths and a medical doctors, our doctors are capable of helping patients following a traumatic accident. Whether you suffer from muscle spasms or simply have a joint alignment issue, our doctors can provide comprehensive care that helps benefit your recovery. Additionally, because our doctors are also primary care physicians, we can help address all your health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, pain and physical injuries. By focusing on the whole patient, our aim is to increase your resilience and make you less vulnerable to future injuries.

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