360-MD is a premiere primary care, integrative and addiction medical practice in Mill Valley, CA, in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. We have joined forces with Whole Family MD in San Francisco and Dr. Alex Zaphiris sees patients in both Mill Valley and in San Francisco.

We offer comprehensive and a whole-patient approach to medical care. At 360-MD, patients have access to world-class Western medicine and the best of integrative medicine, including safe and effective alternative treatments, in a comfortable and professional setting.

This unique practice was created when founder, Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS, identified a need for comprehensive integrative medical care in Marin County. She found that many patients were seeking the guidance from both western MDs and alternative practitioners and so she created a practice where they can get both in one place. We help patients navigate the often confusing maze of conventional and alternative treatments to find the best approach for each patient's needs.


Our mission is to transform patient's medical experience. By providing comprehensive, personalized medical care through effective evidence-based and integrative approaches, we prevent and treat disease and addiction so that our patients can live full, active, and healthy lives.


Meet Alex Zaphiris, MD MS

Graduate of UCSF School of Medicine and UC-Berkeley Joint Medical Program

Triple board-certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Addiction Medicine

Graduate of 2-year University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil

Alex Zaphiris, MD MS, is an experienced UCSF-trained physician specializing in treating patients who are looking for a thoughtful doctor to partner with them in their health to address medical needs beyond using only conventional approaches.  

In particular, Dr. Zaphiris is sought out by patients who are motivated to use integrative approaches to prevent cancer and heart disease, and treat autoimmune disease, mental health challenges, hormonal issues, GI problems, pediatric issues, back and neck pain, drug and alcohol addiction and other complex medical issues that don’t easily fit into one box. At 360-MD, Dr. Zaphiris is happy to extend this comprehensive integrative approach to be able to care for and serve more patients.  

As Clinical Faculty at UCSF in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, she enjoys teaching the next generation of medical students. She is on staff at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Outside of seeing patients, Dr. Zaphiris enjoys spending time with her husband, mountain bike pioneer, Gary Fisher, and raising their 2 young children.

“The origins of this practice actually go back 20 years. Sparked by a personal health crisis involving chronic, persistent low back pain, I left a career in the film industry to pursue my dream of founding a community-based medicine practice and becoming the kind of doctor I most wanted for myself. In the years since I’ve graduated medical school, my curious mind and my patients’ probing questions have caused me to dig deeper beyond conventional medicine to develop an integrative medical practice focused on bringing together the best of Western and alternative medicine to help my patients restore and optimize their health.” Dr. Alex Zaphiris

Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS
Primary Care, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Medicine


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